Hanwell is a diverse and historic town in the Borough of Ealing, capable of transporting you from quaint rural lanes, to industrial canal-sides in just a short walk. A close community gels this diversity and it’s thanks to local enthusiasm that Hanwell is home to some of our favourite places to walk, eat and drink.

Explore the canals, churches and parks; play golf by the river or visit Hanwell Zoo. Trace the footsteps of music legends; marvel at Brunel’s feats of engineering. Festivals and Carnivals; barges and beer, there is no end to exploring this fascinating area.

Did you know?


Hanwell seemingly has always had a history of pubs. The Uxbridge Road (then known as the Oxford Road) was a toll road between Uxbridge and Tyburn in the 18th Century. The constant movement of people along the road, brought about the establishment of coaching inns along the road as it passed through the parish of Hanwell.

As most locals know, Jim Marshall ‘the Father of Loud’ began making and selling his amplifiers in his music shop, located at 76 Uxbridge Road, in 1962. Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix were among the artists who bought their amps in Hanwell. To commemorate Jim Marshall, locals began The Hanwell Hootie; a free music festival that aims to bring live music back to the home of the legendary Marshall Amplification. To commemorate this piece of musical history, there’s also a plaque which was unveiled at the Hanwell Hootie’s inaugural Festival in 2013, a year after Jim’s death.

This isn't the only music connection Hanwell has. In the late 1960s Hanwell Community Centre provided rehearsal rooms for the rock bands Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Much of the album Deep Purple in Rock was composed there in 1969.

The iconic actor, filmmaker and composer Charlie Chaplin boarded and attended the Central London District School from 1896 - 1898. Also known as the Cuckoo School (after the nearby Cuckoo Farm located near the river Brent), it accommodated children from impoverished backgrounds. 

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Hanwell is home to some of the best pubs in Ealing (in our opinion). Including Ealing's second Micropub (The Dodo) and possibly our favourite pub in the Borough of Ealing, The Grosvenor.



Brunch, lunch or dinner, here are our favourite places to satisfy those hunger pangs from dawn to after dark.


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As with most of Ealing, Hanwell is home to a lot of great parks. Including Brent Lodge Park, aka the Bunny Park, home to the newly updated Hanwell Zoo.


William Hobbayne Charity

Serving Hanwell community since 1484

The charity of William Hobbaybe is Hanwell born and bred. Founded in 1484 its purpose has always been to support the community of Hanwell in as many ways as it can.



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Fox Market W7

Vintage & Craft Market held in Hanwell

The Fox Inn, Green Lane, Hanwell, W7 2PJ

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Hanwell Zoo

Welcome to Hanwell Zoo, where passion for animals, conservation and nature fills our little zoo to the brim!

Church Road, Hanwell, W7 3BP



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