Queen of the Suburbs is a local interest site about the London borough of Ealing. It's an independent site run by a small group of Ealing locals, to find and promote the best new, creative and exciting things happening in Ealing.

What's so great about Ealing?

Back at the turn of the century Ealing was the epitome of modern, “green” Victorian and Edwardian London living. With its street lighting, easy transport into central London, and plethora of fashionable dining and entertainment venues. Its combination of London lifestyle with big family houses and large green open spaces, earned it the title of “Queen of the Suburbs”.

Sadly over time the title was slowly forgotten and during the early 2000's Ealing was about as far from being the queen of the suburbs as it had ever been. With the riots of 2011 marking the lowest point of local culture and community in Ealing. 

But as many places in East London are testament to, often reaching such social and cultural lows can catalyse local communities and councils to truly embrace change and drive a new, refreshed local culture.

With Crossrail driving transport, property and commercial interest up across the local area, Ealing is seeing a surge in creative, commercial and cultural changes. From new businesses to restaurants, cafes to galleries, festivals to fairs, breweries to bars.

What we write about

Queen of the Suburbs has been set up to support this new wave of creative and exciting cultural goings on, through publicising and promoting what we think is great.

Every week we’ll be sharing our new discoveries on this website, on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Follow us and let us know what you think. 

If you want to know more, or just want to contact us. Please email us at hello@queenofthesuburbs.org

Where we get assets from

Many of the images we use on the site of Ealing are taken by locals and have been shared online, or from other online public articles. Some images are from the wonderful unsplash.com.

If we have an image on the site that you own and want credited or removed, please just get in contact with us and we will be happy to oblige.

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