Advertise With Us

Do you want to talk directly to people across Ealing? Then look no further. The Queen of the Suburbs is Ealing's go-to source of things to do in and around Ealing. Created to bring the local community the very best the borough has to offer.

Options for advertising include: 

  • Brand sponsorship
  • Section sponsorship including:
    • Main sections (Drinks, Food, etc)
    • Local guides (Veggie, Craft Beer, etc)
    • Ealing area guides (Northfields, Hanwell, etc)
  • Featured events (please note, standard event listings are free and can be submitted here)
  • Advertorials
  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Display Ads
    • Feature Strips (banners)

If you're interested in advertising on Queen of the Suburbs, please get in touch at 

We also offer packages that include creating bespoke adverts for businesses that need help creating suitable materials. 

Feature Strips

Every main section, index and guide page contains a number of promotional strips that we reserve for cross-promotional activity and advertising.

These slots cover the full page width and are variable in height (on request).

Example placement of feature strip slot

Costs and specifications

Featured event

A featured event listing on the homepage or other relevant main section - £15 per/month


  • Image† (at least one) - for summary image and on event page
  • Title†
  • Description†
  • Links
  • Start date and time, end date and time†
  • Categories†
  • Tags

† Mandatory information





Feature Strips (banners)

Homepage feature strip - £25 per/month

Main section feature strip - £15 per/month

Guide feature strip - £15 per/month


  • Background image† - please note if the image doesn't work as a background in the space, it will be used at the editors discretion within the placement
  • Title†
  • Description† - 50 words maximum
  • Button link
  • Social links

† Mandatory information

Brand and section sponsorship