You can't go anywhere in Ealing without coming across a cafe, bar or pub. If you're looking for the cream of the crop, then look no further. Here are our favourite places to have a tipple.



Love having a pint and lunch with some friends? No problem. Ealing's got more than enough on offer.


Ealing's currently enjoying a cafe renaissance. Almost every week sees a new one open. Here are our top picks.


Craft Beer Guide

A guide to the best bars, shops and breweries in Ealing to enjoy a quality drink of craft beer.

Where to buy coffee

We're very lucky in Ealing to have some of the best coffee in London. But don't forget you can enjoy some of this amazing coffee in your own home or office.


Café Zee

Café Zee is a ‘micro roasting house’, roasting their coffee on the premises. You can buy it in store.

Electric Coffee Co.

Electric sell their own roasted coffee beans in store or on subscription.

Kaffee Culture

Kaffee Culture roasts coffee to order. Find them at local markets or order online (use 'freelocal' to get free local delivery).

Cocktails & Wine Bars

Until recently, Ealing was lacking in good alternates to pubs. Fortunately a brave few are paving the way for evening venue diversity, offering food, cocktails and great wine!


Drink events

Don't miss out on some of the excellent events across Ealing.