Leighton Road

A personalised area guide for Elena, Vince, Louis & Amelina.


Elena, Vince, Louis & Amelina. Introducing a personal guide to your new local area. Your one-stop-shop featuring all the best places to eat, drink and play near your new home. Including a little reminder of your much-loved favourites that really aren't far away (imagine if you'd moved to Germany or beyond)! Can't wait to discover more with you all, once you've settled in. Oh - and let us know if we've missed any hidden gems!


Did you know

In Victorian times much of the land of West Ealing, south of the Uxbridge Road was used for agriculture. Dean Gardens (created in 1911) once formed part of ‘Jackass Common’ (along with the old and existing allotments). The Jackass referred to the annual donkey races held there, until they were deemed too unruly. At that time Leighton Road and the surrounding area was known as ‘Green Man Field’: arable land farmed by John Meacock of Little Ealing.


Drinking near your new house

First and most important.... places to drink. We judge an area by the quality of its pubs. Enough said!

Child friendly Cafes

While we don't want to encourage you to stray too far from Tiramisu (22 minute walk), if you must visit other cafes there are some tempting options a little closer to home.


Local Attractions!

We know Waitrose and Lidl will be pretty high on the local attraction list.... Searching between and beyond these landmarks will reveal a wealth of varied activities for kids of all ages.


Northfields Allotments

Northfields Allotment is London’s oldest surviving allotment site, established in 1832. It now faces the threat of development. Please help save this invaluable community hub and historic site by signing and sharing this petition.


Your new local parks

Walpole and Lammas Parks are actually closer than a few of these, but while we are searching for the new, here are the best green spaces to explore and play.

The old favourites are still VERY close

Whether its hanging out in the Y-Lounge over a coffee with Anne-Marie, taking the extra few steps to enjoy crepes by "Misu" or ordering take-away from Santa Maria courtesy of Deliveroo; your old favourites aren't on your doorstep, but they also aren't far away.


Milo & Chester's House

Think of Milo & Chester's house as your home from home if you ever want to recreate a South Ealing base. 


That's all for now. While we are sad you're not around the corner any more, we are so happy you've found a beautiful new home complete with your own front door(s), stairs and garden! Hope you all settle in quickly and enjoy discovering your new home with a little help from us. xx