Aimee Hocking

Aimee Hocking London specialises in decorative cushions, cotton bags and small accessories such as purses and pouches, all handmade by Aimee herself at her home in Ickenham, West London. As well as using vintage and luxury designer fabrics, Aimee creates her own custom designed photographic fabrics.  

After graduating with a degree in photography from Norwich, moving back home to London and thus finding herself stuck in a dead end job, Aimee went back to photography and started using her own imagery to create fabric patterns.  All her custom fabrics are printed here in the UK. After a brief sewing lesson from her mum, Aimee began using her fabric to make cushion covers and taught herself to make many other creations...from here its continued to grow! With a love of natural materials and a passion for anything eco-friendly, Aimee discovered British wool fleece stuffed cushion inserts, which are now sold with all her cushion covers.

Where to buy


Duck Pond Food and Artisan Markets in Ruislip and Richmond