Kaffee Culture

Kaffee Culture's Stephen offers hand-roasted artisan coffee beans sourced from Fairtrade or Rain Forest Alliance suppliers. When you order your roasted coffee from Kaffee Culture you select the roast level YOU prefer, light, medium or dark. Then choose either whole bean or type of grind.

As your coffee is roasted to order, your name is printed on the bag, or, if the bag is a gift for someone, you have the option of printing their name on the bag instead. This is ideal for the coffee lover in your life.

To help get the roast just how you want, each roast is colour tested on a colour meter which gives a number for how light or dark the coffee was roasted. So if you want the roast only slightly darker or lighter than your previous order, we can achieve that consistently so you get your coffee exactly how you want it.

We normally roast and ship the day after we receive the order, although if the order is early it could be roasted and shipped same day.

Where to buy

You can buy the coffee via their website. Use the promo code 'freelocal' to get free local delivery.