Monty & Co.

Monty & Co. = Timeless - Unisex - Utility

A seasonless collection of traditional workwear garments reinterpreted for children. Authentic, functional style designed for everyday childhood. Made in Britain. For ages 1-10 years.

Our styles are informed by the past and inspired by a love of history, utility and heritage.  

We create quality clothing that is crafted by traditional hand methods. Honestly and sustainably produced by small batch production.  

All our garments are made with hardwearing traditional textiles using 100% natural fibres, allowing a garment to get better and softer with age, washing and wear.

In our modern fast paced and disposable world we seek function over frivolity.  We are committed to making clothes to last to hold those special childhood memories and become firm wardrobe favourites.  

We want our garments to become modern heirlooms that are treasured and proudly passed down to future generations.

We believe that children should be fee to: PLAY - WORK - CREATE - DISCOVER