Behind SLO GOOD LIVING are a Great Taste Award-winning husband and wife duo who are passionate about taste and healthy living. They are the first to create and deliver completely fresh and innovative organic nutmilks to West London neighbourhoods.

Their nutmilk story began in their own Ealing kitchen when they realised they could make fresh nutmilks superior to store-bought ones. Judges at Great Taste Awards agreed by awarding them a star for each of their almond and cashew nutmilks in 2016 and 2017. Fully committed to maintaining the highest quality, seasonal ingredients for their fresh organic nutmilks, they currently deliver to Ealing and surrounding areas.

Five good reasons to give SLO GOOD LIVING a go:

  • They create bold and exciting flavours unseen in supermarkets, using interesting nuts like pistachios and pecans.
  • Their nutmilks are made completely fresh for delivery to each customer.
  • All their nutmilks are certified organic by the Soil Association.
  • Their nutmilks are pure and high in nut content – made from whole organic nuts and mineral water with no additives, preservatives, salt, sugar or extra flavourings.
  • They use glass bottles which are better for the environment – they avoid plastic as much as possible throughout their packaging.

Here’s what people have said about their fresh organic nutmilks and how they’ve used them:

That pistachio nutmilk was incredible! It was seriously better than any other nutmilk I’ve had – super creamy and tasty. Thanks again. Customer A, West London
Pistachio was the standout flavour for all of us. Pistachio was something we would all happily add to our weekly shops. I thought the depth of flavour that the pecan and the almond nutmilks added to breakfast smoothies was really good. Customer A, Notting Hill
The cashew nutmilk was delicious – so different to the bought cashew nutmilks. I had it in my coffee this morning and it didn’t curdle. My husband loved it and said he’d drink it on its own. He feels oatmilk is slimy and your nutmilk is way better. Customer F, West London
Thank you for the nutmilk delivery today! We’ve tried almost all the flavours we ordered and are very pleased. We will be ordering again! Customer H, Ealing
My parents are consuming the pistachio and cashew in earnest. My dad says it feels wholesome. I thought the cashew nutmilk mixed well with my decaf.
Customer G, Chiswick
Both my mum and dad loved the cashew nutmilk. My mum really liked both the pistachio and the pecan, liking that she could taste the nuts. As for me, I have had the almond nutmilk in my porridge, my verdict was that it worked very well. I also had a hot chocolate with the cashew and I loved it. It’s a winner. Customer S, West London

Where to buy

You can buy SLO GOOD LIVING nutmilks online through their website every week. They deliver every Monday and Saturday morning. There is no minimum order and only a small delivery charge.

For a Monday delivery, order by midday on Sunday.
For a Saturday delivery, order by midday on Friday.
On the delivery day, they will keep you posted as to when your delivery is due to arrive within the hour.

You can email them at for more information.