Parks & Nature

One of the things that makes the borough of Ealing so special is its wide variety of parks and open spaces - with 21 being awarded Green Flags this year.



The borough of Ealing isn’t in short supply of parks. Whether you’re wanting to walk the dog, kick a ball around, tire the kids out at a playground, feed the ducks or just get some fresh air, there’s a park (or parks) for you.


Open spaces

We’re lucky to be in area that also has access to other great open spaces. Go for a wander along the canal or take a day trip to the largest botanical gardens in the world.


Animals and nature

With such a wealth of green space in the borough, it’s no wonder there is also a wide range of nature too. Support all the great work done locally for nature and animal conservation.

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Ealing Wildlife Group

A community of wildlife enthusiasts dedicated to protecting, encouraging & celebrating local biodiversity in Ealing

Entires for their annual photography competition are open.


Parks and Nature Events