Electric Coffee Co.

One of the best coffee shops in London, just off Haven Green. Being one London’s best coffee shops is no small feat considering the world-leading position that London now holds in the coffee landscape. 

A long way from the Startbucks and Costa led doldrums of only just 6 years ago. Electric Coffee co remains one of the best examples of “East to West” we have in Ealing. Bringing artisan passion, creative startup mentality and an energetic culture. Long may it remain.

Lady with a selection of baked goods at Electric Coffee Co, Ealing

Source -  Edmond Terakopian

Their flat white is also one of my personal favourites from anywhere in London.

Electric coffee do nights 'stay local tonight. Wine, charcuterie & cheer at ECC. Vinyl sounds by DJ Spencer Lowe. Open until 11pm'

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