Munsons Cafe

It might have become apparent that the QoS team are ardent coffee lovers. So we didn’t want to miss out one of our favourite coffee-based hangouts, Munsons.

Rain or shine, Munsons is always packed full of locals and coffee tourists who take advantage of the extensive beverage list. Not to mention the huge array of delicious tasty treats, too good to resist (even if it’s just a flying visit). 


With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s a great place to relax away from the bustle of Ealing Broadway. There’s also outdoor seating along the front, making it an ideal place to people watch on a sunny day. Munson’s popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed, having been voted number 2 in The Independent’s 50 best coffee shops. Our suburban Queen really is spoilt for choice by all of these great Ealing independents.


73 St Mary’s Road,
Ealing, W5 5RG

020 8840 4114


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