Pillars is certainly a hidden gem on Ealing’s restaurant circuit but definitely not one to miss.


It is The London School of Hospitality and Tourism’s award-winning training restaurant, located within the University of West London. Being a training restaurant, it relies on word of mouth to attract its cliental. So here we are to sing the praises of this unique dining experience which offers something different on every visit!

The newly refurbished restaurant provides a showcase for the university’s enthusiastic and friendly students, serving up delicious food and wines from around the world. Each day, there are a different group of students in the kitchen. They decide what the menu will be, using the ingredients they have. While front of house is also staffed by students learning the art of fine service and hospitality.

Being a training restaurant, the prices are very reasonable and as a dining experience, it’s really rewarding to be served top quality dishes while also being part of the students’ learning process. Welcoming feedback on the dining experience is part of the experience and warmly welcomed by students who are eager to learn and ambitious.

Pillars is open for lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea on select days and times. The course schedule and booking information can be found in the link below.


University of West London,
St Mary’s Road,
Ealing, W5 5RF

A direct entrance to the restaurant can be found on Warwick Road.

Enquiries and reservations:

pillars@uwl.ac.uk or call 020 8231 2200

Opening Times & Booking: