Northfields Little Visitors

A group for parents and carers with children up to age 13 to visit the elderly in residential homes. 30 minute sessions in the following :

  • Downhurst on Castlebar Road Monday 10:30

  • Threen house Mattocks Lane Tuesdays at 13:30

  • The Neem Tree in Greenford Fridays at 2pm.

Bring a toy or a book to chat about for 30 minute session, sometimes with sing along nursery rhymes. They love a cuddle and stories about the children, also talking about their own lives.

All visits are supervised by staff, but parents are totally responsible for their own children.

Details were accurate as of 11th February 2019

Good Gym Ealing

For those who struggle with motivation to get fit, look no further than Good Gym Ealing. It's a running club that incorporates missions to help your community as part of the run. Tasks could be anything from clearing community gardens, painting a room in sheltered accommodation, or simply running to change a lightbulb for someone who is unable to do it themselves. Regular Tuesday runs start in Ealing Broadway. New runners are always welcome so what better excuse do you ned to get fit and join in!

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Good Gym Ealing

OPEN Ealing

OPEN Ealing

'Our aim is to introduce a refreshing cultural space and exciting arts programmes to the community by bringing artists, performers, art groups and residents together, promoting creativity and creating new opportunities.'