Tetote Factory

Sitting modestly opposite St Mary's Church in South Ealing, it's easy to pass until you know it's there.... and then you won't be able to pass without going in! 


Offering its own range of mouth-watering baked treats, our personal favourites are the salt and pepper bread stick, the raspberry brioche bun, walnut and raisin sweet bun and their sweet azuki bean bun. They also offer freshly baked baguettes, which are in our opinion, the best in Ealing. There's no seating, but don't let that stop you from popping in, picking up some fresh bakes and learning a bit of Japanese at the same time! 


12 South Ealing Road,
Ealing, W5 4QA

020 8579 8391


Eat Japanese

Whether you’re part of Ealing and Acton’s large Japanese community, or a Japanese food enthusiast, we’ve put together this guide to celebrate our borough’s finest Japanese food. Itadakimasu!