West London Art Factory

Image source - www.westlondonartfactory.com

'Having launched in 2010 West London Art Factory started life as a screenprinting studio, workshop space and selection of private studios for artists but has since become much more. Born out of a love for art, it is run by husband and wife team, Jewel Creative Director and artist in her own right and James Goodby. Since its inception it has taken on a dynamic and vibrant life of its own. 

Over time it’s become a collection of 17 studios, a workspace and screen-printing facilities in North Acton.  We work with a number of established and up-and-coming artists who venture into a wide scope of different mediums to produce their work.  This includes anything from spray can and stencil work through to oils and acrylics.  We also have a number of music related residents who produce music and create their own instruments, so adding another creative dimension to a busy and vibrant space.

Additional to the studios we also run various events helping to bring exposure to our artists.  This includes FACTORY PROJECT which runs twice a year and brings together an eclectic mix of styles and talent under one roof, all showcasing new work.  We also run a temporary shop several times throughout the year called FACTORY LIMITED which is a chance for our artists to again show new work but produced as limited edition prints and affordable original pieces.'

Perfume Factory, Units L, M & K
140 Wales Farm Rd, W3 6UG