South Ealing


The South of Ealing is home to three of Ealing's beautiful parks, some of our favourite pubs and an evolving high street featuring independent shopping gems and must-try restaurants.

Stretching from St Mary's Road (locally known as St Mary's Village) all the way down to the Brentford end of South Ealing Road, we’ve picked out some of our favourite spots to highlight what’s on offer.


Did you know?

There is less than 300 yards between the platforms at South Ealing and Northfields Stations. They are the two closest over-ground stations on the whole tube network.



South Ealing’s pubs have a few things in common; they are all friendly, spacious and have beautiful gardens! Oh yes, and they serve delicious food and drinks. (We know The Lord Nelson isn’t technically Ealing but it’s close and we love it!).



If the independent shops in an area are what define it, then South Ealing’s on to a good thing!

"Supporting local businesses is crucial if we want to keep our High Streets alive and buzzing with independent, exciting and creative shops. Don't just talk about it - do something about it - shop local and make a real difference." -- Patricia van den Akker



Introducing South Ealing’s stunning parks, where perfectly manicured lawns meet rolling wildflower meadows. Combined with historic buildings, fashionable cafes, sports areas and endless places to play and explore, these parks offer enough to keep you busy for days.


Restaurants & cafes

South Ealing’s cafes and restaurants are where this area really comes into its own. You’ll find top quality ingredients, coffee that people travel for, cosy interiors, celebrity recommendations and multi-award winning venues. Spoilt for choice doesn’t even cover it!


Local events

Getting there

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